Blue Man Saga [excerpt 2]


Everybody hates Red Man. Nobody want his Revolution. Fuck the proles!

Blue Man take Stacy on vacation, leave his pager at home.

Licking margarita salt Stacy: Isn’t it nice to get away from
Red Man? I guess it is. But I’m worried about the
Crown Jewels. Why? They’re just little rocks and bits of metal.

Back at the palace, King Minos pace crownless. What to do?

Red Man wearing crown now. No one find his secret lair.

Red Man go canvassing in his ghetto. Knock knock. Hello, I’m
Red Man, would you like to help seize the means of
production? Door slams. Hello, I’m Red Man, don’t you think it’s
time to hashtag #EatTheRich? Hashtag #DownWithBlueMan!

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