Blue Man Saga [excerpt 1]


The naked arsonist jumps over the incipient red flames. Implied activities
flush Blue Man bluer. She distress him not. They call her
Stacy. This long ago. Blue Man’s pager go off. No good!

Sorry Stacy. There’s been a fire. Red Man suspected. Can’t someone
else fight Red Man? No one but me. Only Blue Man.

The palace always catching fire. Red Man hates Prince Blue Man.

While Blue Man spray it, Red Man steal the Crown Jewels.

Red Man beast. Blue Man civil. Red Man terrorist. Blue Man
royalty. Red Man atheist. Blue Man pious. Red Man bad. Blue
Man good. Red Man play tricks. Blue Man straight shooter. Red
Man Marxist-Leninist-Maoist. Blue Man capitalist. Red Man real loser.

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